Corinne Malfreyt

Peintre & Poète



" For Corinne Malfreyt-Gatel inspired by Pina BAUSCH's choreography" The Rite of Spring "by Igor STRAVINSKI, the space between the bodies is still dance.


Corinne Malfreyt-Gatel installs on her paintings an architecture of chromatic rhythms and nuances, declination of gray sometimes punctuated by red resonance where the dancers' momentum seeks and finds its place.


Correspondence of the background and the forms, to make the emotion felt, the colored matter, within the suggested limits of the drawing, dances, pulsates and vibrates in harmonic cadences, in fragile balances, the moment of the composition.


No "earth" or "sky" only "a low" and "a high" between which bodies quartered seek, like so many cells, in an incessant tropism, universal fusion."


Piero Cavalleri, art critic, www.passeart.fr