Corinne Malfreyt

Peintre & Poète


2017 .... Pina Bausch's dancers continue their life of eternal renewal in the Carré D'artistes galleries in Paris, Saint-Germain des Prés (66 rue Saint-André-Des-Arts), as well as in Belgium. Louvain (Frans Vanhove Gallery), and since October 2017 in the Carré Artists Gallery in Kuwait City (Old Shuwaikh, Street 6).


A new metaphor came to me this year. The first part is called Cosmos. It arrived a few minutes before the related concept "Flashes" "Cosmos and Flashes", or the beginning of the world, and moments from a world in motion ...

The theme of the cosmos, the world before the creation of the world is a way to carry on my research on the vibrations of matter , emphasizing the colors, more than in the previous series. The "Flashes" are in the form of silhouettes coming out of the background as opportunities for future happiness.


Dreaming of the ideal canvas ....


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