Corinne Malfreyt

Peintre & Poète

Voix du Nord, 3 juin 2016

June 2015

An article about my work in the 54th monthly issue of IMAGinE Art Review "Europe"


You will also discover 6 other artists from England, France, Bulgaria and Poland as well as background texts sticking to the news.



To download this issue (and others) for free and to make this artist-friendly magazine known, Click on the magazine link above. At the bottom of the page, click on the IMAGinE Revue d'Art tab and then on the phrase "see all the IMAGinE Art Review "and then click on the cover of the number and the sentence below inviting you to download it freely.

Valeurs actuelles, Rubrique Tendances, juin 2012
Gazette des Arts Octobre 2010
Revue Méninge, juin 2016

June 2016: "Meninge Review" gives me the honor of selecting three of my paintings and one of my poems in its number 6, on the theme "Gestures".

Delighted to be in the company of talented artists in this magazine, love of the arts, pages 29, 40, 41 and 42 :)

Brèv'Aralya, magazine d'Art Contemporain, n°28, Mars 2015
Gazette du Marché des Arts Saint-Sulpice, Juin 2012
Centre-France La Montagne, quotidien régional, 14 janvier 2016
L'Est Eclair, Février 2015
France Musique, Web, octobre 2010