Corinne Malfreyt

Peintre & Poète

Dog video about the new series of little paintings,

Series "The rite after Pina", June 2015

Assembly from ...

... from the series of paintings "The Riten after Pina",

September 2014

"A March 21st morning, on the banks of the River Seine..."

Invitation to the Open House, Artist Workshop

March 2014

Performance Tale & Painting,

September 2013

Storyteller: Jimmy Bussière

Brushes: Corinne Malfreyt-Gatel

invitation to the workshop open house, March 2015

Graphical variations on ...

The Rite of Spring, choreography by Pina Bausch,

June 2014

"The magic song of the thrush"

Invitation to the Open House; Artist's studio

March 2014